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"it changes how you live and think"

posted Sep 21, 2011, 5:10 AM by Hazem Said

Salam Hazem

Just done reading it, I couldnot stop with out finishing.

 EXCELLENT  book is sooo awesome,and is enjoyable to read. This book should be part of every Ones library, it changes how you live and think, It has the power to change minds, increase faith and make you a better Muslim just from the experience of reading it. I Highly recommend it to everybody Muslim and non Muslim ,

I felt like it has a healing effect by clearing the mind and helping us stop worrying and just depend on Allah, we all know  this but we don't apply it all the time , Seeking peace book bring it all together , in a simple uncomplicated ways,

Thanks Hazem for sharing

Great job

☯   Arwa Atwan L Ac.  ☯

 Licensed  Acupunturist